Elect Jennifer Kyle as a Ward 1 Councillor in the County of Brant


Communications professional, farmer, mom, board director, active community volunteer, and engaged resident of the County of Brant.

As a Ward 1 councillor, Jenn will commit to ensuring the County of Brant remains a place where folks can not only access basic necessities, but where they feel engaged and supported, and want to live, work and play.


Professional Communicator. Dedicated Community Volunteer. Rural Advocate. Lifelong Learner.

Jennifer’s work and involvement in organizations and activities throughout the ward, county, and province allows her to connect with and understand folks from all walks of life, making her an excellent candidate to serve as one of two Ward 1 Councillors and be your voice on Brant County Council.

Let’s connect and I’ll keep you up to date on important campaign information!

Fun fact: County of Brant will be offering ONLINE advanced voting for this year’s municipal election. That means voting will be easier and faster than ever before. Stay tuned for more information!